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  从这里出发——延长线Start From Here – Extending,2021广州美院附中AIP毕业展服装组 | 毕业作品一览


  「 作品介绍 」




  The second project's three sets of garments are made of reflective cloth, transparent plastic board, hemp rope, elastic rope, corduroy, cotton, down jacket fabric, rib and so on.


  The main colors are pink and purple, while the secondary colors are yellow, orange and blue. The costumes are changed into dynamic dance movements and made by simulating owl skulls, both of which combine the knot culture of Shaman religion.

  Vol2. GET LOST | 作者:刘洵

  「 作品介绍 」



  It was the experience of getting lost and the process, basically. According to a series of self-paintings and feel-paintings to reflect the environment and feelings of that time, and that’s how the color comes out.


  The material is self-made fabric, and some woven fabric. It’s very personal, completely primary source driven, so.


  「 作品介绍 」



  My subject is to study the lifestyle of astronauts. In the beginning, I searched for a lot of pictures about the universe on Pinterest, made some collages, and wanted to use collages to create some sense.


  Later, I took a lot of screenshots from the movie Interstellar, and then made clothes-style collages, completed a lot of quick sketches, and extracted many silhouettes and details from them.


  I also extracted a lot of inspiration and structure in the astronaut's clothes, and then I did some color research, extracted some colors from the works and collages of some pop artists, and set dirty pink as my main color.

  Vol4. HONGKONG STYLE | 作者:文伯俊

  「 作品介绍 」



  The theme of this project is cultural integration. What I want to do is Hong Kong style culture and locomotive culture. I think it's very interesting for these two cultures to collide.


  At the beginning, I did some research and found that Hong Kong was very crowded. I went to find a lot of photos of the streets in Hong Kong. I was attracted by the retro alleys and the neon lights stacked on the streets I did some pocket detail design for their shapes, and then I went to investigate the information about locomotive culture.


  I think the details and structure on the locomotive are very interesting. I especially like three-dimensional things. Finally, when I made a suit, I used some retro colors and conflicting fabrics. The second suit was developed according to locomotive culture, and I chose some Give people a sense of visual impact color, in the skirt pocket when using PVC fabric, make a three-dimensional sense.

  Vol5. INFINITE SPACE | 作者:杨子萱

  「 作品介绍 」



  This is a project about infinite space. In this project, I made a lot of attempts on the combination of infinite space and clothing.


  I watched a movie about cyberpunk's sense of technology, in which there are many infinite space scenes that inspired me. From some research development, I made some infinite space samples with paper.


  I used cloth to make some repeated lines and pockets to combine with the human body. I use the sample to develop and draw some designs related to sample.

  Vol6. LOST AND FOUND | 作者:叶咏楠(面料设计)

  「 作品介绍 」



  I have had skin diseases since I was born, and it has accompanied me to grow up. Especially in the middle of the night, I would be half-asleep and half-awake scratching myself uncontrollably because it was very itchy. In the morning, I would find very painful wounds on my body, very ugly, and always repeated. So I always wear long sleeves and long pants to cover myself, even my fingers.


  As I grew up, my physical fitness improved a lot, but my body had scars that were hard to repair. People often ask me what's wrong with my skin, which makes me very sensitive and unconfident, feeling very depressed and controlled.


  During the development of the project, I tried to paint with various materials; I used the fire technique to use medical equipment, candles and fishing nets to make sample; I tried to make special fabrics with gelatin powder, detergent and glycerin, the raw materials for making pudding; printing on gauze, embroidering on fishing nets, etc.


  I really enjoy expressing my inner feelings through fabric and clothing design. The production process allows me to review and think about my own growth, and it also re-establishes my self-confidence.

  Vol7.ACCULTURE | 作者:张馨月

  「 作品介绍 」



  This project is based on American horror story season 3 Coven.


  In the story there has three groups, the salem witch group, the voodoo witch group and the witch hunters.


  I am always a big fan of witch culture so I did many research on different witch culture I also did research on the traditional techniques in their culture. I analysed the personality of the characters and the background.


  The final work was made from flax and bamboo slice. I also used many traditional techniques from Africa culture such as wax dye and basketing.