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You must have been familiar with architecture and interior space design. It is hoped that we can demonstrate various foreign teaching styles and ideas different from the domestic ones via student works.

According to the foreign teaching philosophy, architectural design is categorized into “artistic style” and “ technical style”. The former does not entirely require physical and mathematical educational background, but the latter does. The interiors include interior design and interior space design. The former is relevant with decorations; the latter covers an extensive range such as the remake of group movies by students, the material application in the works of Dong Jing’er and Zhang Weiyi, the kindergarten design by Zhou Kaiheng and the installation design by Peng Langzi.


本次展览由建筑组8名同学共同完成,其中建筑设计3位(薛宇琦、周锦樘、刘一);室内与室内空间设计5位(董静儿、邓斐寒、彭朗孜、张维一、周凯桁)。其中刘一同学考取美国设计最top的大学:Pratt, Parsons;3位同学考取伦敦艺术大学(英国艺术类最top大学);6位考取英国格拉斯哥艺术大学(艺术类建筑与室内设计专业大学排名第一)。
This exhibition is jointly presented by the eight students in the architecture group, including three for architectural design ( Xue Yuqi, Zhou Jintang and Liu Yi); five for interior and interior space design (Dong Jing’er, Deng Feihan, Peng Langzi, Zhang Weiyi and Zhou Kaiheng). Among whom, Liu Yi was admitted by the prestigious Pratt Institute and Parsons School (top of the kind in the US); three students by University of the Arts London ( top of the kind in Britain); six more by the Glasgow School of Art (No.1 among the artistic architectural and interior design universities).
Three years of artistic research and design study is bound to serve as a solid stepping stone for further study overseas. Thanks to it, it is believed that the students will all usher in promising futures!


学生作品01  薛宇琦《雷神山医院》




At the beginning of the project, I chose the topic selection, now the biggest hit news - the new Coronavirus-19. This is a very serious topic, so i decided to design a building that can be used for a long time in the temporary hospital ISS hospital location. In the process of creating a lot of ideas, I will sort out and summarize the ideas to make a lot of choices, so that they are more neat. Using IPAD to draw and collage to feel the visual effect, I also made some models to let me pay attention to the details of each 3D.


学生作品02  周凯珩《老城区改造项目》


The project is located in the reconstruction of an urban village in Guangzhou's Li wan district. The repeated elements in the high-density urban life make people feel tired. This space transformation is meant to bring the gap in the street and the interlaced feeling between the cement and brick walls into the interior space, so that people can find the new ideas around them in the space where the elements are recombined, and it is also the extension of residents' life.

03  张维一《烧烤餐厅》


Barbecue is a distinctive cuisine. The most important way to finish barbecue is through cooperation. Family cooperation is more important, so the theme of this project is barbecue and family.

04  彭朗孜《给盲人的公共空间 》





In the project, I showed a product about blind people (a space similar to a street park). In my research, I learned that the world's perception of the blind depends on touch and hearing. For this reason, in this project, I tried to replace vision with other senses. These two works were inspired by some organs.
For blind areas, I want to use touch to divide the different areas. Different materials and different feelings correspond to different fields.

05  董静儿《不公平体验馆》


This project is through the theme of "home alone" extension - not fair.First of all, I starting from the expression, when people receive the change of the uneven facial expressions, experiment from soft to hard materials.Then I have done some research can express unfair events.Through the research of events, I extend out of the spiral structure, produced the spiral model.Research is made for the screw element again, make a lot of development model.At last, by research the first event I thought of the works of artist Ai Weiwei.His ideas from root structure, so I thought of the corals.Coral and vulnerable to the unfair treatment of people having the same characteristics, fragile and easy to die because of the external environment.I finally combines all of the model to produce the finished product.Soft hard, choosing the material of the finished product on the color of the material is in view of the low saturation and high saturation.It can also be expressed by unfair to the person's mood and psychological pressure of the finished product is not a fair experience, I hope more people to experience what is unfairly feelings, so as to get along with others as much as possible for others to consider, don't hurt others.



The combination of Chinese style design and application, spiral of Chinese style designThe theme of this project is a combination of Chinese style design and application.First of all, the whole project around the "spiral" elements.Then I research some of the spiral can express different meaning, said most Chinese people skills, or a kind of feelings and attitudes.And then through the understanding of the meaning, I made some characteristics about Chinese style, the way of the world, people skills, etc., in the end I to do some in-depth study of Chinese style design.First of all, I found the screw design and construction, and then through a series of research, analysis, design, model process.In view of the Chinese style design I carried on the further research and analysis, for example China's Feng Shui, screen, indoor system made about the development of the model.Finally, I will try to adjust the models and combined with helical structure, I want to use the spiral structure expresses the style and features of Chinese style design.

指导老师  杨盈桦


■曾参与珠海横琴项目的室内设计,伦敦机场快线(Heathrow Express)合作项目,广东电视台公共频道《耕耘纪》节目插画设计;
■个人工作室RoFadesign Studio,主要是花艺设计和天然香薰手工蜡烛设。 在2019年2月26日为美多丝品牌设计花艺以及拍摄场地。