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In the past graduation exhibitions, many people were confused when they saw the works of the jewelry group, and even there were audience who raised sharp questions like: Is this jewelry? In fact, however, this offers a quite valuable lesson. Only by being questioned can our students have more opportunities to doubt and think about the things like what am I doing? How to communicate with the audience? How to respond to queries?
Due to historical reasons, jewelry leaves an impression on people that it always uses precious metal and gemstones and this industry focuses on the economic value and social status represented by the materials. With the development of modern art, jewelry, like other artistic specialisms, pays more and more attention to conceptuality and tries to question and to critically think about traditional values. So today, contemporary jewelry relaxes its restrictions and no longer confine to materials, but concentrate more on how to use multiple crafts, materials, shapes, colors and even wearing methods to express the artist's concept and to create new aesthetics and value.
Jewelry design is handwork stressed. This year there are only three graduates in this specialism, but they have produced more than 20 works, all of which are handmade by students. Although these works are slightly immature in craftsmanship, the multiple angles of thinking reflected and the multiple possibilities presented by the thinking process during research, idea development, and experiment are exactly what are needed at this stage and are also the most important part of the teaching and learning in AIP. And this is why they have received the offers of almost all the colleges they applied, which is really gratifying.
Days spent with the three students is fleeting. The periodical ending is accompanied by the beginning of a new journey. There may be many difficulties and doubts in the future, but the creative methods and thinking habits learned in the past three years in AIP have also been internalized in your mind, which can help you deal with difficulties more easily. Wish you all to be your best self.


《自作自受  Self-Defeating》

「胸针/戒指 Brooch/ring」


Light clay/cellophane/plastic buckle/ plastic pipe




After watching the documentary chasing corals, I was shocked by the shape of corals and a large number of dead corals, so I began to investigate. It is found that 50% of the world’s coals have died, mainly due to global warming, waste and sewage discharge. It’s all human behavior. So I want to use my works to appeal to people to protect the environment and cherish the beautiful things around them. My work have many thorns that always hurt ourselves, it’s like self-defeating. Coral gradually died as people destroyed the balance of the marine environment. When worn by the wearer, the lines with redial thorns connect his/her  hands. It’s demonstrate the process of death gradually.

《侗  Dong》



My first work was inspired by Dong Minority. I made a field research on Dong culture in the process of sketching. In the culture of Dong people, clan is the most important and blood relatives are the first. This project mainly depicts the families of Dong people and how they develop with clan relations as the center.
I extracted images from DongZhai (village stockade of Dong people) map, and then found DongZhai is in a place surrounded by mountains with a river running through the stockade, among which is a very important DongZhai drum tower. I found out that the development of the whole DongZhai revolve around five drum towers as the center, radiating outward. At the very beginning, a drum tower was the center of a castellated village. Later, several of the surnames of the stockade slowly merged together, into a large stockade, which is Dong. The drum tower is the life center of all of them, and many of their activities are carried out in the drum tower, forming the unique centripetal public activity space of the cave village.
Secondly, I found that Dong people have a special wear - origami sewing kit in cascade structure. This kind of sewing kit can be open to more space, which is large space and small space at the same time, much like the clan and family relationship. So I carried out a research on the folding methods of this sewing kit. As the result of this research, I developed on that extended and combined, which makes it more 3D, which also fits with my topic that family develop and thrive around the clan, also, a clan is a combination of large and small families. This is China's traditional family values, which puts the blood and clan first.
Finally, my design uses the elements of origami sewing bag to represent the families of Dong minority, and the frame of the finished product was an extraction from the overall layout of Dong minority. Whether it is a family or a clan, it is closely related to everyone, so I designed the wearing of the finished product on the upper body of people in the form of winding.

《Humid City》
这个作品的灵感来源于广州,这个城市所带给我的潮湿的印象。因为湿气会让城市许多地方布满锈迹,人们也因此常常会有种很沉重的感觉。我的成品是想表达一种潮湿的感觉,使用铜线材质去做氧化处理,并研究了城市中的锈迹所产生的原因、过程及各种形态。另一方面,苔藓是环境潮湿的一种表现,我将他们结合了起来, 从而有了这个设计。
This project is inspired by my impression of Guangzhou city which is very humid city. the humidity makes city rust everywhere, also make people heavy feeling. I want to express this wet feeling through my work, I used copper material, because I think copper has a feeling of rust, also i did the research of how and why the rust forms. On the other hand, moss is a symbol of wet place, i combined this two elements, then i have my design.

指导老师  张妍


■毕业作品曾入选Talent 2013年德国慕尼黑当代首饰设计展,为当年中国大陆唯一入选者