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《引擎描绘》Trace Engines——加里•克拉夫(Gary Clough)个展

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展览地点:红专厂 AIP Gallery


Gary Clough is the Head of International Pathways at UCA and a very experienced tutor in art & design. He is also an established artist having worked extensively in sculpture, print and drawing for nearly three decades. The ideas and their manifestation through drawing that Gary is developing during his Trace Engines exhibition and residency in Guangzhou very much represent a synthesis between his creative and his academic careers.

His recent drawings in ink on paper and his monoprints reflect adeft and schematic evolution from his more formal sculptural origins. The intuitive grappling with structure and form characteristic of his sculpture is no less evident in the sequenced multiples and narrative of his monoprints. Theworks for Trace Engines graphically engineer; plates, nuts, bars, manifolds anda myriad of components into evocative structures of mechanical muscle and functionality. All the parts are there to be revealed, decoded, then visually assembled and disassembled.

Gary has travelled extensively throughout the world in his academicrole and as an artist. His work is influenced and enriched by the qualities andvisual language of diverse climates, landscapes and cultures. His recent work explores the notions of portrait, bust, silhouette and momento mori.

An enduring link between his creative work and his teaching is therole of drawing. Central to his teaching and his drawing is full immersion inthe act of looking. Paul Klee once described the Bauhaus approach to teachingart as taking his students on an ‘adventure in seeing’. Clough is committed tothis philosophy in his teaching and it is evident in his art.

The University for the Creative Arts welcomes the opportunity tocollaborate with AIP Centre, Guangzhou in supporting Clough’s Trace Engines –exhibition and residency.

Mike Addison

Head of School, School of Further Education

University for the Creative Arts

All images from Sketchbooks 2014 and 2015.



加里·克拉夫(Gary Clough)是英国艺术创意大学(University for the Creative Arts)国际预科项目负责人。他是一位经验丰富的艺术设计导师,同时也是一位在雕塑、版画和素描领域里工作了近三十年的资深艺术家。此次加里在个人展览《描绘引擎》(Trace Engines)和广州驻场创作中运用的绘画思潮及形式,充分表现了他的艺术创作与学术生涯之间的融合。



能够持久连接着加里·克拉夫的艺术创作和教学,便是绘画的作用。他的教学和绘画的中心思想是完全沉浸在寻找的行为中。保罗·克利(Paul Klee)曾用“观看的探险”来描述包豪斯对于学生的艺术教学方法。加里·克拉夫正是在他的教学和艺术创作致力运于这一理念。





Translated by Dr Shanru Yang

Gary Clough 作品草稿

Gary Clough 作品草稿

Gary Clough 作品草稿

Gary Clough


Gary Clough is a fine artist whose practice is rooted in the traditions and cross-disciplinary nature of sculpture. As a graduate of UCA and the RCA he has exhibited across the United Kingdom, Europe, US and China. At galleries including Tate St Ives, Newlyn Gallery, The Ruskin School of Art, Georgetown University and The Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing. He also has associations with the Royal Societyof British Sculptors and the Henry Moore Foundation, previously being appointed the Sculpture Fellow at Falmouth School of Art.

He has con tinued to question the historical and contemporary positioning of the breadth of sculptural practices. Gary,on completing his degree spent three years working in the building and restoration in dustry, as a stone mason at Here ford Cathedral and granite technician at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop. His work is grounded on bothcraft and artifice, across a range of disciplines and materials. This is drivenand informed through drawing, focusing on the nature and notions of authorship,recognition and cognitive depiction and their roles and relevance to the made environment we inhabit.

Gary has over 20 years experience as an educator within the Higher Education sector,specializing in the development and delivery of diagnostic programs such as Foundation Studies. He also has in-depth experience of working in non UK systems including China, India, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. These experiences have driven and informed Gary’s commitment to inclusivity and cultural diversity and its essential placewithin Art Education. Through his current role as Head of International Pathways at the University for the Creative Arts, he continues to inform anddevelop courses and teaching strategies, enabling students from around theworld with a range of prior learning backgrounds achieve their best.


The sketchbook is an intrinsic part of Clough’s practice; they operate as bothvirtual and literal studio and cognitive landscape. The pages demonstrate how ideas are both generated and revisited in a constant process of analysis and reflection. It is driven by an innate playfulness and an ongoing discourse withthe nature of the perceived, known and made.

The sketchbooks innate mobility is clear in the pages as they document the artist’sjourneys, stopping off points and destinations through geographical, historicaland disciplinary visitations and positioning.


加里·克拉夫是一位卓越的美术家。他的艺术实践扎根于传统与跨学科的雕塑学基础上。加里毕业于英国创意艺术大学 (UCA) 和英国皇家艺术学院 (RCA),其作品展览遍布英国、欧洲、美国以及中国。展出的画廊包括泰特圣艾夫斯美术馆(Tate St Ives),纽林美术馆(Newlyn Gallery), 牛津大学拉斯金艺术学院 (The Ruskin School of Art),美国乔治城大学(Georgetown University)和北京的中央美术学院。他是英国皇家雕塑家协会和亨利·摩尔基金会成员,此前被法尔茅斯美术学院 (Falmouth School of Art)任命为雕塑研究员。


作为一个教育工作者,加里在高等教育界拥有超过20年的工作经验,尤其是大学预科项目的课程发展和教学。同时他在非英国教育系统也积累了丰富的经验,如中国、印度、韩国、台湾和日本。这些经验促使加里致力于推动包容性和文化多样性在艺术教育中的重要地位。加里·克拉夫目前是英国创意艺术大学 (UCA) 国际预科项目(International Pathways)的负责人,宣传和发展教育课程和教学策略,引领来自世界各地学习背景不同的学生达到他们的目标。





(Translated by Dr Shanru Yang)

Gary Clough 作品草稿

Gary Clough 作品草稿

As the Director of AIP Gallery, I sincerely welcome and expect for the cooperation with Prof. Gary Clough from the University for the Creative Arts to conductthis one-month-long residence project. And it is also our great honor to invitehim as an independent artist to conduct his sole exhibition.

As an old friend of AIP, Prof. Gary Clough is always standing with us and provides for considerable supports. Thus, this time, I truly believe AIP Gallery will befully contributed and offer the most professional service to this exhibition soas to welcome his first participation in the artistic activity hosted by AIP. Meanwhile,It remendous expect that will be more academic conflicts by direct communication between artists during the residence project.

By observing the works involved in the exhibition –“Trace Engines”, it might not difficult for us tosense the differences and twists that the Eastern and Western artists have by experimenting on divergent materials and lines. The younger generation raised by the fast-paced development of China, perhaps,easily find out some resonance from Gary‘s works. As for us, the beauty from such works may not function right after their exposure, but it will stand the test of time and you may enjoy more after going back to home. I would rather leave you enough space to imagine and appreciate rather than pre-reveal any details. After all, there are a thous and Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes.

Director of AIP Gallery

Alan Lun

作为AIP画廊的负责人,我非常期待与英国创意艺术大学的(University for the Creative Arts)加里·克拉夫(Gary Clough)教授在广东合作为期一个月的艺术家驻地项目,同时也十分荣幸能邀请他作为独立艺术家的身份来AIP画廊做一次个展。

加里·克拉夫(Gary Clough)教授是与AIP风雨同舟近十年的老朋友,而这次是他第一次以独立艺术家的身份参与到AIP的艺术活动当中,我相信AIP画廊会为艺术家提供最专业的服务与最合适他作品的展示空间。与此同时,我非常期待我们在合作期间,因与艺术家之间更直接的交流而产生更多学术上的碰撞。

从加里·克拉夫(Gary Clough)这次个展《引擎描绘》Trace Engines所呈现的作品中,我们也许能从每种创作材料,每一根流线型的线条里发现中西方艺术家创作上的羁绊或天壤之别。也许,在快速发展中的中国成长起来的孩子能从他的作品里寻找到的儿时的共鸣;也许,我们对作品的感受并不会直接呈现在大脑里,而是能让你回家能细细回味。当下我不会对艺术家作品本身给观众带来的感受下定义,我更愿意把艺术家作品所有的一切留给观众去想象,一千个人的眼里有一千个哈姆雷特。